The Quality of Care Indicators

The 9 Quality of Care (QoC) indicators guide mothers to-be to choose a maternity hospital. The QoCs are defined by World Health Organisation (WHO) to ensure every pregnant woman and newborn receives high-quality care during childbirth. These standards set expectations for the level of care provided by a hospital and define the delivery experience.

Ontime Admission

On-time admission makes it possible for rapid assessment of the pregnant woman's condition, prompt action, and a well-managed delivery.

Clean Bedsheets

Changing soiled bedsheets and clothing is necessary for preventing infections and is important for a clean and safe delivery.


Pulling curtains around the bed during check-ups and providing a covering sheet make the mother-to-be feel comfortable and protected. Restricting visitors to the hospital's visiting hours goes to ensure that the mother and newborn get adequate rest.

Mother-Newborn bonding

Skin-to-skin care means placing the dried and unclothed newborn on its mother's bare chest or abdomen, with a light blanket covering the baby's body. Skin-to-skin contact provides warmth and comfort to the newborn and helps facilitate breastfeeding.

Early Breastfeeding

Ideally, breastfeeding should be initiated within one hour after birth. The early breast milk is very beneficial to the newborn's health and immunity. It also helps protect the baby from infections.

Courteous & Respectful

Respectful, polite staff can make the mother (and birth companion) feel welcome and comfortable. Lack of a good attitude on part of hospital staff adds up to stressful situations for the mother.

Emotional support from hospital staff

Labour can be a frightening experience and by providing comforting and reassuring words the hospital staff can positively impact the situation and reduce the emotional stress.

Counselling: Danger Signs

Before discharge, a mother should be made aware about signs of infection or illness not only in her newborn, but also her own self. This will help her seek timely medical attention.

Counselling: Family Planning

Advice should be given on after-delivery care and hygiene, family planning and different methods of contraception

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