We found the right doctor after a lot of stress : Saberi Dasgupta Philip

“In 2016, we started family planning but I wasn’t getting pregnant. I kept thinking about why I am not able to conceive and used to get more stressed thinking about it. I went to the best of the hospitals: expensive and farther from my house. We went to the best doctors we could find. We did a number of tests and the doctor wouldn’t even bother to read the reports properly. They would just tell me everything is okay.  Then one doctor told us I’m not ovulating enough, I won’t be able to conceive and was advised IVF. (everyone wants to just mint money). At that time, we were just anxious and didn’t even think about anything. We went ahead and did the prescribed tests, only to realise later that we were prescribed the same tests. We were heartbroken. I didn’t want to do IUI/IVF.

We had spent a huge amount of money and had almost given up when I met my new doctor. He gave us the positive vibes, I knew this is the doctor I wanted.  This doctor was an amazing person and guided us very well regarding everything. Except for the nausea part, I enjoyed every part of the pregnancy.

My father always says that there are angels because God can’t be everywhere. My angel came in the form of my doctor.  While we consulted so many doctors, no doctor ever told me to have patience. I didn’t get any emotional assurance from anyone except my husband. They only wanted money from me, that’s all they cared about.

I wish I had known about Together back then, it would have helped me choose the correct hospital for myself before undergoing so much of suffering. “

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