I am a general physician yet I experienced motherhood like any other Indian Woman: Dr Bhumi Prajapati

“I am a general physician and yet I experienced motherhood and its vulnerabilities like any other Indian woman.  You get information and advice from every person you meet in those 9 months and beyond. More often than not, this information doesn’t necessarily apply to you. The thing is, only you know yourself and your body and this is the time to take complete charge of it. How I did that was by following my doctor and my mind. I made it a point to stay current and updated.

Some of my friends had liked Together’s page on Facebook; I checked it out and I loved it. It is rare to find simple information about pregnancy and new motherhood. The posts were scientific and fun to read. For me it is important to read from a source I trust, and I felt these posts made me trust the information easily. The one time I diligently went to check out posts on the page was during breastfeeding week. I am currently breastfeeding my 8-month-old and I looked forward to the daily tips – it felt like they were speaking my mind. Many a times I have taken this information and forwarded it to my friends on WhatsApp.

At some point I took a look at Together’s website and learned so many women had reviewed their hospital experiences. I wanted to review my experience too! The main benefit to other women is that even if there is so much information on the internet, but this gives a specific validation. Also, for hospitals, they will know what to improve – I am saying this because I work at a hospital too.

Overall, I love the information and I am going to continue telling people about it.”

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