What is Together?

Together celebrates womanhood.

By providing new mothers with a platform to share their delivery experience and expecting mothers with information, Together aspires to standardize and improve the quality of care at maternity facilities and help women choose the one that is right for them.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated 45,000 maternal deaths in India in 2015 – the second highest in the world. With increasing numbers of births in health facilities, quality of care forms a major focal point, as poor quality of care contributes to maternal morbidity and mortality.  While the number of institutional deliveries in India is steadily rising, Together’s primary focus will be to help enhance the quality of institutional (i.e. in-hospital) deliveries, translating into a better experience for the mother.


To realise its vision that every pregnant woman and newborn receives high-quality care throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, the WHO has defined “quality of care” and outlined the eight standards for improving the quality of care (QoC) for mothers and newborns around the time of childbirth.

Together‘s focus will be on quality of care indicators that are:

  • Realistic and actionable for both institutions and service users
  • Applicable and fitting  from a mother’s standpoint
  • Universally recognised and evidence-based
  • Inclusive of cultural and practical sensitivity  to Indian conditions
  • Scalable: Can readily be improved upon by both large and small facilities. In other words, a lack of resources is not a limiting factor to their implementation
  • Applicable across both public and private institutions
  • Agreeable with standard WHO, FOGSI, PMSMA, NHM guidelines

Who is in it Together?

New and expecting mothers can freely access Together and enrich womanhood. Available in English, Hindi and Marathi expecting mothers can register and receive informational messages and most importantly, learn about the expected Quality of Care indicators during childbirth. After delivery, they can share their feedback about the maternity facility and help expecting mothers to choose their place of delivery. Expecting mothers will be able to search for providers by geography, quality ratings and recent updates to make informed choices.

Maternity facilities would receive an online platform to showcase their excellent standards of delivery during childbirth. With the help of these insights from mothers, maternity facilities would receive actionable feedback for staying updated and maintaining these standards.

Together is developed by ALMATA, the Public Health Division of Avegen Health. ALMATA is committed to the mission of improving public health through the innovative use of digital technology.  ALMATA uniquely combines expertise in healthcare, digital health, commercial, technology and social enterprise to achieve its mission.
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