Choosing the Right Hospital made my delivery comfortable!

“Motherhood is a journey that should be cherished by every woman. Instead, it is filled with a lot of stress and issues. Having said that, I enjoyed my pregnancy journey to the fullest.  The only hiccup we faced was while choosing a hospital.”

“We had an amazing gynaecologist and we went to check her nursing home for delivery. It was very small and didn’t have the meal facility as well. My concern was who would cook for me and bring food to the hospital. But what shocked us was that they didn’t allow the father of the baby to stay overnight in the hospital. From here began our quest in finding another hospital.”

“In my 7th month, I had an infection and was suggested to undergo minor surgery. I was scared. When we reached the hospital closer to my mother’s place after checking a review on Together, we fell in love with it, at first sight. Not only was it clean but the staff were also very considerate. They gave us a quote for the entire process even without us registering. The icing on the cake was when the doctor asked the staff to give meals to my husband, at no extra cost.”

“Together, helps a pregnant woman by providing genuine reviews from other mothers, about their delivery experience. This is what helped me while I chose my hospital and I hope my review will help other mothers as well.”

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